Indoor Activities for Dogs and Cats in Bad Weather: Keeping Your Pets Happy and Engaged


What better way to enjoy a sunny day than by taking your dog for a stroll or watching your cat in the garden. Our paw-friends also enjoy a good day, as they can explore the surroundings, play with their counterparts, or simply lay in the sunshine and take a nap.

It can be difficult to give our pets the same experience when bad weather strikes. In bad weather, lack of mental stimulation and physical activity can cause boredom. This may lead to unwanted behavior. It is important to engage our pets with indoor activities and recognize signs of boredom.

Boredom Signs:

It’s important to identify signs of boredom before you start indoor activities with your pet. Dogs can exhibit behaviors such as chewing, destroying objects, or whining. Cats may show signs of boredom by changing their appetite, excessive grooming or soiling. These signs can help you address boredom more proactively.

Indoor Activities for Cats and Dogs

  • Create Obstacle Courses:

    • Use household items to create a DIY obstacle course.
    • For both mental and physical stimulation, include activities such as jumping, weaving and climbing.
    • Make sure the course is safe for your pet and that it suits their size and ability.
  • Utilize Indoor Training Time:

    • Training sessions can be a great way to take advantage of bad weather.
    • Platforms such as 24Petwatch provide customized pet training through easy-to-follow instructions.
    • Expert guidance is available to help you master basic commands or even behavioral challenges.
  • Play Hide and Seek, Blow bubbles, and use puzzle toys:

    • Blow bubbles to your pet and let them chase it. This is a fun, low-effort activity.
    • Puzzle toys keep your pet mentally stimulated and engaged by challenging their problem-solving abilities.
    • Hide-and-seek can be adapted to both cats and dogs, and encourages them to use all of their senses in order to locate hidden treats.

Indoor Dog Activities:

  • Set Up an Indoor Digging Challenge:
    • A homemade digging box will satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to dig.
    • You can also hide toys or treats in the box to encourage them to search for the treasures.
  • Play the Cup Game to Mentally Stimulate:
    • Cups can be used to hide treats and engage your dog’s senses of sight and smell.
    • Keep your dog mentally and physically active by shuffleing the cups.
  • Make pet-friendly snacks together:
    • Make the most of bad weather by baking with your dog.
    • Enjoy the fun of making treats with your pet.
  • Play the towel unrolling game and make your own flirt pole:
    • Roll a towel with treats inside, then let your dog unravel it to find the rewards.
    • Make a DIY flirt-pole using a stick and rope with your dog’s favourite toy. This will satisfy their desire for prey.

Indoor Cat Activities:

  • Use a laser pointer for a low-effort, high-impact activity:
    • The chase of the red dot provides mental stimulation to cats.
    • Avoid exposing their eyes to lasers.
  • No-Sew Catnip Bunnies – Make your own cat toys!
    • Make simple, inexpensive cat toys in your own home.
    • Catnip bunnies that don’t require any sewing can satisfy your cat’s playful instincts.
  • Take advantage of the allure of cardboard boxes that are empty:
    • Cats are attracted to cardboard boxes.
    • To pique your cat’s interest, you can create a maze within the boxes or hide treats inside.
  • Create a Game of Hunting Prey and explore Cat Apps
    • Encourage your cat to hunt by moving objects or toys for him to chase.
    • Explore interactive cat apps for smartphones and tablets.

Overall Advice

  • Take the initiative to entertain your pets:
    • Avoid boredom and negative behaviors before they occur.
    • Maintain a harmonious environment in your home by keeping your pet engaged.
  • Recognize Mental Stimulation as Important:
    • Indoor activities are good for both mental and physical well-being.
    • For pets, mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity.
  • Use technology to engage:
    • Platforms such as 24Petwatch or cat apps provide additional engagement opportunities.
    • Combining traditional games with the latest technology will give you a more rounded experience.
  • Ensure Indoor Activities Complement Well-Being:
    • Select activities that will enhance your pet’s mental and physical well-being.
    • Adapt your activities to their preferences.


Making bad weather fun will ensure a harmonious family. Pets are happier and behave better when they’re entertained inside. There are many activities that cater to the different preferences of pets, whether it’s through DIY games or apps. It is important to make indoor activities fun for pets and their owners.

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