Top 5 Best Patio Doors

Natural lighting from outside is always a much better alternative to artificial lighting within the home space. Patio doors are one of the best ways to let light from outside penetrate inside and brighten up our homes. There are different kinds of patio doors that are readily available on the market which includes: French doors, center-hinged doors and sliding/gliding doors. Each one of them is unique with their own features. If you ask, what is the best patio door, there are indeed many factors to consider. This is inclusive of the various styles as mentioned earlier, the material which could be fiberglass, vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum, and clad-wood, and energy efficiency. Here are the top five best picks for patio doors in the market:

1.National Door Company Z001644R in-Swing Patio Door, Right, Hand, and Glass with GBG, Full Lite, Steel, and Clear

This is a classic piece of steel patio door of dimensions 64" x 80". Being made of steel gives it qualities that are independent from others. This includes their long lasting quality and since it’s steel it adds an appealing and finely furnished look to your home. This steel door is constructed with a whole pre-hung patio door unit. This serves as a huge advantage because it seals out the weather and basically removes the air and water infiltration all together. It offers the strength and durability of steel and would make a wonderful addition to your home space.

2.National Door Company Z009304L Primed MDF 10 Lite Clear Glass, Left Hand Pre-hung Interior Double Door

coming from the same company, National Door Company, this is another one of their masterpieces of patio doors. Created in a way in order to enhance the beauty and aid simplicity into your home. Each of the French door is built as a pre-hung unit. Its dimensions are 60” x 80.” It adds a sense of beauty and elegance as it allows the natural light to peer in from outside into the interiors. A simple, yet majestic piece of patio door that is suited to fit into any home décor.

3.Sliding Patio Door with blinds:

This sliding vinyl door has been a top choice for many primarily because, unlike others kind of patio doors, it comes with blinds. In case the natural lighting from outside gets too bright, you always have the alternative of letting the blinds down, and thus limiting the inflow of light. Consists of a welded frame and sash that aids an easier and better installation. It has one fixed panel and one operational panel that can be used by you, according to your preference. It also contains insulated glass and a white aluminum frame is included.

4.National Door Company Z001625R Pre-hung in-Swing Patio Door, Right Hand, Glass, Full Lite, Steel, and Clear

Having dimensions of 68" x 80", this is another patio door from the National Door Company. What makes this different from the others is that it is completely clear and free of any frames in between. It only consists of a wood primed white frame on the borders. This makes it possible for more light to penetrate through the patio door, unlike any other. This unit has one active door and one in-active door. This clear glass allows in plenty of light, while keeping the comfort of your home.

5.Bug Off 72R by 80 Instant Screen - Reversible Fits French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors

This patio door comes in various sizes that you can choose from. What makes it so unique from the rest of the patio doors is it can be used as a French door as well as a sliding door. It is also “bug-free,” which means it helps to keep away any insects or bugs that may get into your home. It also provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit. This will definitely stop slamming screens or leaving screens left open.


Patio doors are an integral part of the home space, and it is crucial to make the right choice when picking out a patio door for your home. Certain factors that need to be kept in mind when buying patio doors is its size – whether it will fit in the space allotted for the patio door in your room, the material – different materials have different advantages, however, steel is the most common and possibly the best choice. Thus, if these factors are kept in mind, a patio door can be bought without much hassle and thinking to give your room a rather edge or a subtle elegant look.

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