Top 5 Best Dog Shampoo For Your Money

To find the best dog shampoo in the market at the moment, you'll need to consider some factors. First is the condition of your pet's skin. The best shampoo for dogs with itchy or flaky and dry skin is a moisturizing shampoo. On the other hand, medicated shampoo products are for dogs with certain skin conditions, though you should consult your vet before you choose the right shampoo for your pet.

Second is age. For younger dogs, the best puppy shampoo products contain more gentle ingredients. However, you should choose the best dog shampoo with organic ingredients even if you have an older pet.

Third, remember that your pet's sense of smell is over a million times stronger than people, so the best dog shampoo options are weaker scented products. However, if you have an adventurous pet that likes to rummage into certain things (read: garbage cans), then the best shampoo for dogs that usually end up smelling bad at the end of the day are called deodorizing shampoos. These don't just mask their bad odor with strong scents, which wouldn't be good for your pet. Instead, these types of shampoo products have natural deodorizing ingredients.

The fourth factor that you should consider when looking closer at the best shampoo for dogs in the market is the color of your pet's fur. There are certain products that are specifically designed for lighter colored dogs and also for those with darker fur. When searching for the best puppy shampoo, you should also factor this in (aside from looking for products with gentler components).

If you carefully consider these factors, then you're on your way to finding the best puppy shampoo or older dog shampoos for your pet. However, since there are a multitude of options out there that might confuse you - Rounded up below are the top 5 shampoo products for dogs with the highest ratings from lots of pet owners worldwide:

1. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

The Earthbath all natural shampoo product line is a top choice of many pet owners around the world when it comes to organic shampoo products for their young dogs. Designed for puppies and older dogs alike, this soap-free dog shampoo provides your pet with gentle organic ingredients that won't hurt their skin and eyes.

Fortified with vitamins and minerals, the natural ingredients of this product can ensure that your dog's coat stays as smooth and silky as possible. This dog and puppy shampoo is best for pets with itchy skin and will also work well for dogs with dandruff or fleas. However, a few pet owners claim that this product isn't suitable for removing stains from your dog's fur.

2. Four Paws Magic Coat

Four Paws is a reputable manufacturer of shampoo products for puppies and older dogs. Their Magic Coat product line is highly recommended by many pet owners for those with puppies and young dogs.

The ingredients of this product are designed to work on all types of coats. These components are also gentle and won't hurt the eyes and skin of your pet.

The combination of aloe vera, lanolin and protein in this dog shampoo is designed to ensure that your pet's skin and fur can stay healthy all day long. However, a few dog owners claim that this product isn't suitable for dogs with dandruff, while some of them also said the scent of this shampoo doesn't last too long.

3. Pro-Sense Puppy Shampoo

Pro-Sense has been distributing top quality dog shampoos for many years. Their puppy shampoo product line offers a variety of scents, and a lot of puppy owners recommend their baby powder-scented product. This is fortified with vitamins and minerals to aid in improving the luster of your puppy's coat.

This is also integrated with organic ingredients for reducing or eliminating itchiness in your pet's skin. This dog shampoo's components are responsible for making its aromatic scents last for around a week. However, a few pet owners say their puppies had moderate allergic reactions after they used this shampoo on them. So, you should consult your vet before using any shampoo. Other buyers also claim that this shampoo has weak cleansing properties.

4. Vet’s Best Hot Spot Shampoo

Vet’s Best is a credible producer of top quality dog and puppy shampoo products. Their Hot Spot product line features options that are most suitable for those with puppies and young dogs.

This dog shampoo is enriched with organic ingredients that can treat your puppy's swollen, itchy or dry skin. Chamomile, aloe vera and tea tree oil are the main natural components of this product, which are known to be effective in treating various skin and fur problems.

Ideal for puppies aged 1 year and below, the mild ingredients of this dog shampoo also make this product a good choice for puppies with allergies. In case you have a puppy with sensitive skin, you should first consult with your vet before using this or any other dog shampoo out there, especially since a few buyers claim that their puppies developed hives after administering this product on their pets.

5. Oxgord Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Oxgord is a popular manufacturer of dog and puppy shampoo products. Their organic oatmeal dog shampoo and conditioner product line consists of all natural ingredients that are meant to be mild and helpful to the overall health of your pet's skin and fur.

Shea butter, aloe vera and oatmeal are the main components of this puppy shampoo. These organic extracts won't harm the eyes and skin of your pet.

Jojoba, coconut and olive oil extracts are integrated into this shampoo. This also helps reduce itchiness, swelling and can safely improve the luster of your puppy's coat. However, some pet owners claim that this product contains SLS, which might cause some mild irritation to the skin of your pet.


The all natural dog and puppy shampoo product from Earthbath is the best option for those with puppies that have dry and sensitive skin. On the other hand, Magic Coat from Four Paws is also a good choice for pet owners with puppies that don't have any skin irritations, dandruff and allergies.

All these dog and puppy shampoo products can provide your pet with suitable nourishment and cleansing properties. However, it's still best to consult your vet before using any shampoo on your dog.

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